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With Koehler Poster® digital your advertising will achieve decisive attention at outdoor advertising. This quality was especially developed for the digital printing and thus perfectly suitable for small runs.


The surface is particularly designed for solvent-, and latex-ink in the field of large sheets inkjet printing. Excellent printing properties and a high opacity promise a brilliant printing result.


Product is available with blue back.



> excellent runnability and printing results

> high opacity

> high wet strength

> excellent dimensional stability

> coating does not become brittle and does not flake

> fold does not become break

> high resistance against weather and pollution

> good light fastness

> recyclable, naturally decomposable

Available g/m2

120, 250, 350


Black Board Koehler
Black board provides an elegant character for all creative applications, with especially high-quality. Effects from finishings such as metallic surfaces, die-cuttings or embossings.

Applications: brochure- and book covers, packaging for luxury goods, photo album,
passepartouts, calendars, art-prints, promotional materials, creative arts, base paper for industrial applications, office board (e.g. luxury files, suspension files, cover boards), archiving, etc.

- marked with the eco-label "The Blue Angel"
- brilliant color
- homogenous paper formation
- high color fidelity
- chlorine and acid-free
- ageing-resistant
- harmless to health and environment

Available g/m2



WF Board for Business cards 2/S Line Ivory
Koehler Superwhite provides companies in the printing industry, packaging designers and graphic designers with a fascinating range of creative possibilities. Its excellent even surface reproduces images down to the finest detail. Available also for large format printing.


- excellent surface
- ageing-resistant
- high color constancy
- homogenous paper formation
- ISEGA-certificate of compliance concerning foodstuff


Suitable for business cards, annual reports, business materials, exclusive packaging, covers, greeting cards, invitations, displays, calendars, certificates, brochures, envelopes, menus, tickets with RFID, etc.Perfect for offset-, screen- and flexo printing, suitable for laser and inkjet printing.

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Available g/m2



Kraft with PE Mosaico
One side coated kraft paper with high mechanical characteristics and good flexcrack properties.
The paper is characterized with its excellent printability and is suitable for PE and Alu lamination. Approved for food contact.